Charlotte Keates
& Christina Fedyk Perspectives on Space

The Project Gallery will be presentng the work of Charlotte Keates & Christina Fedyk
6th–28th March 2015.

Opening reception: Friday 6th March, from 6-8pm

The Artists   Charlotte Keats’ painting is a dynamic dialogue of subject and object which is playfully difficult to pin down. She imbues the locations she depicts with a mediative atmosphere through sensitive exploration of light and colour. Charlotte creates dream worlds imbued with tension between seductive atmosphere and self-conscious illusion. Doors and windows ask to be opened whilst areas of the painting’s surface open up to reveal the undercoat of chalk and glue that provides a sense of gravity to the image. This process whereby the natural, physical processes by which Charlotte creates the work show through the surface of the illusion is developed in recent work through the theme of interiors infiltrated by outside locations. Her paintings refuse to be taken as self-contained objects, spilling over the possibility of complete interpretation through underlying natural and unconscious processes.

Keates has exhibited in solo shows in Cornwall and London and we are pleased to exhibit her work in Arundel alongside that of Christina Fedyk. Christina Fedyk graduated from Leicester De Montfort University with a Fine Art Degree and is now based in Brighton. Whilst Charlotte’s use of colour is established through working, Christina foregrounds unconscious processes even fupgstyle8er. She transforms the mundane landscape of the everyday through her particular brand of emotive abstraction. Her work includes monotype relief prints as well as paintings and she has also created print making and 3D work. Her artistic process involves collecting a wealth of imagery that informs the subsequent process of mark making which gains a dynamic momentum of its own. We look forward to presenting the work of both these female artists this Spring.

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