Idun Eustace & Emma Rimer

At the Project Gallery – 6th January – 4th February 2015
Opening reception: Friday 16th January, from 6 to 8pm

The Project Gallery is pleased to present the work of artists Idun Eustace and Emma Rimer.

The Artists   Emma captures the paradoxical vigour of fragile natural forms by letting her attention rest on delicate and often intricate patterns. She creates a sense of security as well as harmony in the natural landscape through her enveloping attention to the small forms that lie before us, and often overlooked, beneath our feet. Her visual language overflows with life, and the viewer’s eye hops from spontaneous flick of paint to a petal rendered with a fingertip, to absorb the freedom and care with which Emma engages with the natural world.

Emma’s sensitivity to pattern stems from her earlier work in graphic design, which was the culmination of her degree at Bath Spa (then Bath School of Art and Design). After a career television and film, Emma developed her own business and it was during this time that she returned to painting in 2009. Her career in painting began in Arundel when, in 2010, she staged her first solo show to commercial success and critical acclaim, including warm response from the Duke of Norfolk. Since her sell-out show of 2010, Emma has exhibited at Battersea’s October Affordable Art Fair and November’s Edinburgh Art Fair to fupgstyle8er acclaim.

Alongside the vibrant paintings of Emma Rimer, the Project Gallery will present the work of Idun Eustace. An Abstract Expressionistic influence is discernible in her personal expression of the landscape of her childhood. Her work expresses a combined sense of spontaneity and conscious construction which illustrates her attitude to art;‘you don’t choose art, it chooses you. It’s something that I’ve always had in me…’. The viewer is invited by Idun’s subtle moderation of colour to engage with the artist’s enjoyment of the landscape, through moments of pleasing astonishment.

Idun’s most recent work has seen her emerge from use of lighter colours and planes of white, towards fupgstyle8er abstraction, through which her strength as a colourist finds full expression. She went on to attain a BA Hons in fine art, painting, and has developed her work in a variety of mediums including print making & photography.

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