Alan Franklin Aggregations
At the Project Gallery — 28th November – 23rd December 2014
Opening hours Tuesday – Saturday 10am–5pm


ALAN FRANKLIN’S drawings and sculptures are a playful exploration of materials and processes, as well as of our perception. Proceeding from a simple strategy Franklin manages to move the familiar towards the delightfully unexpected, creating artful, intriguing and often profoundly meditative pieces of work.
“I want my work to stray or wander away from what we think we know in order to be surprised, not by something new, but by something which is already there.”
An Aggregation is a group, body, or mass composed of many distinct parts or individuals. This collecting of units or marks into a mass or whole is essentially what Franklin does, but often in the making something happens. Starting from a simple pre-determined process certain initial or on-going conditions begin to cause events, accidental variations, faults or slips from the intended or expected. It is these subtle divergences, which create the surprise and visual interest. Franklin is mindful of such determinants, courting the unexpected and even conspiring to find or use a particular cause to create an unexpected effect. This inventive and whimsical approach is the hallmark of all of his work.


Upcoming Exhibitions
Project Gallery
28/11/2014 - 23/12/2014
63 High Street
West Sussex

Past Exhibitions
Informal Elements, OVADA, Oxford
Precession, One Church Street Gallery, Gt Missenden (solo)
Import, Brick Lane gallery, London
The Village Green Triennial Stanton St John
tra_verse The China Shop Gallery, Oxford (solo)
Smaller Than A Lemon, Angelica studios, High Wycombe
Rearranging Formulae (part1); unwrapping books O3 Gallery, Oxford
Rearranging Formulae (part2); unwrapping books, Oxford University Press, Oxford The Village Green Project Stanton St John, Oxon
Endnotes: unwrapping books O3 Gallery Oxford 2008
Friendly Fire bucks Gallery, High Wycombe
On The Surface The Parlour, Camden, London
Collision Festival of moving image, music, art and performance, Area 10, Peckham, London
Paths of Dialogue, La Maison de L’;International, Grenoble, France ‘Bid’;, Auction Exhibition, Ovada Gallery Oxford 2005– 07
Sketchbook Circle Collaborative sketch book project – culminating with exhibition at Bracknell Gallery,
South Hill Park
Gold, Ovada Gallery, Oxford (3 person)
The Garden of Earthly Delights Brockwell Park, London

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