We See the Invisible, Touch the Intangible, and Hear Silence 1 2016 | Acrylic and Oil on Canvas | 60 x 55 cm

Sunyoung Hwang
Saturday 6th - 29th August
Private View; Friday 5th August
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Project Gallery is delighted to present the work of Sunyoung Hwang having recently graduated from the Royal College of Art she has just been presented the prestigious Chadwell Award.

Sunyoung works directly onto the canvas without reference to preliminary drawings or photographs. Her initial marks are a starting point for a development of ideas from her interior world. Believing in the process rather than the end result the painting is a sum of her achievements, failures and experiences. It becomes the sketchbook of abstracted images drawn from her physical, sensorial and psychological experiences in the real world. The paintings have cumulative layers, veils of translucent colour and gestural marks of different speed and emotion, resulting in delicate and compelling works.

Sunyoung Hwang   ‘...a place in which the invisible can be seen, the intangible can be touched and the silence can be heard, exploring a boundary between internal and external experiences.’

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