Where Did That Come From | Angela Charles

Angela Charles & Lawrence Dicks
Alternative Direction
Saturday 5th - 26th March 2016

Opening reception: Friday 4th March 6-8pm      
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Nature and natural formations are central to both Lawrence Dicks and Angela Charlesa’ work. Lawrence finds wonder within the microcosm of the humble seed or the complex structure of the flower head; the fragility of life and its cycle are evident. With their smooth tactile surfaces and subtle indentations the sculptures work on many levels, reminding us of the promise of life and renewal. Lawrence works in both stone and bronze on both an intimate and monumental scale.

Conversely Angela’s work is inspired by the expanse of the coast from Dorset to Cornwall, her works evolve from rudimentary pen sketches and written notes on location. In her studio she works on spray-primed aluminium and wooden boards allowing her total control of the texture which she builds up with layers of sanded-down acrylic. These layers are worked into using cloths, pencils, dentist tools and even her fists, ‘through areas of calm and yet moments of frantic mark making, the resulting paintings reveal my sense of awe at the South West coast.’
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