The Time of Yellow
At the Project Gallery 1st — 25th August 2014
Opening hours Tues – Saturday 10am–5pm

The Time of Yellow is an exhibition which brings together six artists each of whom observe and document the world around them in individual and unique ways.

The Artists

Jo Cresswell
JO CRESSWELL’s background is in fine art printmaking, currently she is exploring the medium of collage and painting. Jo’s work has been inspired by the beautiful woodlands of Sussex combined with photos taken whilst travelling. “There is such overwhelming beauty found simply by looking closely at what surrounds us in nature”.

Amy Father
After studying fine art bookbinding and printmaking AMY FATHER’S has concentrated on three dimensional work, manipulating paper to produce exquisite miniature sculptures. She is fascinated by nature and natural history, entomology in particular. Taking inspiration from Victorian specimen collections, where creatures once part of a teeming life-force are transformed into something lifeless and static “I’m interested in microcosms. Tiny snapshots of life often ignored”.

Tanya Gomez
Working in porcelain TANYA GOMEZ uses a range of approaches when throwing to create forms that will capture qualities of fluidity, movement and provide a sense of space. Tanya’s works are conscious of natural phenomena, dramatic landscapes and the diverse qualities of the sea. Years working on private yachts travelling the globe absorbing colour, shape and multifarious cultures have inspire her work.

Jasmine Leonard
JASMINE LEONORD a recent graduate from Wimbledon College of Art (UAL), paints images of exotic plants and trees removed from their natural habitat. The artist attempts to highlight and “emphasise the artificiality of experience, and the western gaze with which we receive these alluring spaces”. Uninhabited lands have been tamed by man, “The only remaining wilderness exists in the mind.” Jasmine works with oil, spray paint, acrylic and stencils.

Emma Rimer
EMMA RIMER graduated from Bath Spa University with a degree in graphic design. After working in this field for a number of years Emma returned to her first love, painting. Inspired by the random forms of nature seen in her local West Sussex landscapes, Emma’s paintings have a wonderful vigour. She creates the images with brushes, fingers and rags to effect the sense of randomness and spontaneity that jumps out of her work.

Paul Smith
PAUL SMITH’S work documents his interest in the lost and the found, “what has passed out of memory and what is synthesized as trace in the landscape”. Exploring lost places and capturing the essence of a moment of abandonment has been part of Paul’s practice since his early work photographing the post-industrial landscape of the North East. More recently Paul has used these explorations of localities on the verge of returning to unofficial wilderness in dialogue with found material. Through the process of collage Paul’s work analyses landscapes shaped by human action.

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