Matt Bodimeade & Emma Rimer  
Born in a Barn
7th - 31st August 2015

Opening reception: Friday 7th August from 6-8pm
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An exhibition inspired by the West Sussex landscape. Born in a Barn is an exhibition of landscape paintings by Matt Bodimeade and Emma Rimer. Approaching their work from different perspectives both West Sussex born artists document the local environment from their shared studio in the heart of rural West Sussex.

Emma’s work is created with brushes, fingers, rags, pencils, rollers, just about anything to produce the sense of spontaneity that jumps out of her work. Her paintings, often large canvases, focus on the microcosm of the landscape detailing the flowers and foliage found in the local wild meadows, ‘imagine you're lying in a field, your view screened by the wild flowers that surround you, the blooms dance in intricate patterns to a passing breeze and through this scene you glimpse distant views of the sea or a valley. But always for me the real beauty of this setting is only inches from your gaze.’ Recently working with the same intensity Emma has concentrated on the perimeter of fields ‘picking us up and thrown us into the hedgerow’. Her paintings are a mix of acrylic and oil.

In contrast to Emma’s romantic vision of the landscape Matt Bodimeade is concerned with the industrial use of land. More than most artists Matt has a direct effect on the landscape he describes in his paintings. Through employment from early adulthood in Agriculture he has been able to change the colour, shape and texture of fields through the cultivation and harvesting processes - mechanical mark making on a large scale.

Often in Matt's work there's a central motif: a wall, track, river or railway. It’s no coincidence that this division is often scythe or sickle shaped and seems to slice the landscape apart, the fields and woods suggest work, movement and energy, shaped like plough blades, discs, or saw teeth on either side of the central divide.

More recently, Matt has been interested in the industrial barns of the modern working farm. Edging the acreage his studio is housed in, their clean, sharp, angular lines contrast with the landscape as they jut majestically from the ground. As with his representation of the nearby landscape, Matt has used his enjoyment of colour for its own sake rather than photographic representation; pinks, oranges, acid yellows; whatever suits the mood he's trying to capture. The resulting paintings are beautifully abstract representations of these imposing industrial units.

All Matt’s paintings show a deep involvement and understanding of modern rural life depicting the functioning realities, cultivated scared fields and industrial sized barns, remote from some romantic, picturesque notions often portrayed.
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