Daniel Preece   Intimate Isolation
5th - 30th June 2015

Opening reception: Friday 5th June, from 6-8pm
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The Project Gallery is pleased to present the work of Daniel Preece from 5th to 30th June 2015. London born artist Daniel Preece has exhibited internationally, in solo and group shows at galleries including, in 2012, the Barbican, London, and a prominent museum in Beijing. In his work, Daniel has explored terrain from urban America to the landscapes of India, during his residency and professorship in Modingar in 2011. While the subject matter of his work is diverse, Daniel’s expressive colour palette and bold use of geometric form compose his unique hallmark.
Daniel’s thoughtful observational work is situated in a rich pictorial landscape tradition, recalling in particular, the Euston Road School and Edward Hopper. Like Hopper, Daniel’s early inspiration was the urban landscape. ‘I was initially drawn to the gasometers and tower blocks that populated the area I grew up in around southwest London’ he writes, and has since used ‘the city as a starting point to explore formal issues of geometry and colour’.
Daniel recreates the protean buzz of the city through dynamic use of colour in cityscapes that hover in tension between abstraction and figuration. Daniel’s highly saturated colour palette is derived from the low lit colour photographs which inspire his work. Seen from high and oblique vantage points, Daniel’s cityscapes are some of his most unique work and an equally personal response is required from the viewer. We are asked to reconsider the urban environment with an eye which seeks and sees pattern and variation in the apparently banal, and stimulation in city life. The bold use of colour and form of Daniel’s mature work doubtless manifests Hopper’s dictum that ’great art is the outward expression of an inner life and we look forward to presenting Daniel Preece’s unique work this Summer.
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