Gilly McCadden & Jo Sweeting Erratics
The Project Gallery is pleased to welcome you to ‘Erratics’ featuring work by Gilly McCadden & Jo Sweeting 3rd-28th April 2015.

Opening reception: Friday 3rd April, from 6-8pm

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The Artists   The work of both these artists is concerned with issues of memory and progression. Gilly’s delicate paintings conjure an abstract narrative which suggests the force of past experience to forge paths and construct obstacles throughout our lives. Ethereal elements clothe opaque areas and bold colours jostle for attention, to create fields of tension and movement. Her work is a calm meditation which asks the viewer to dwell in a coexisting space of past and present where the space of the future is suggested, but undeterminable.

Gilly studied fine art at Brighton College of Art and we are pleased to present alongside Gilly’s work, that of Brighton-based artist Jo Sweeting. Jo works primarily in British limestone, slate and polyphant stone and she teaches letter carving as well as sculpture. She imbues the mediums she uses with a focus on transforming a beautiful natural, often usually overlooked subject into something monumental and lasting. Her subjects are valuable moments gathered from memory and delicate natural forms, often combined to convey a sense of harmony with the natural world.
Jo thematises the process of instinctive development undergone in the process of carving into a natural substance through plants used as a metaphor for living growth. She suggests that there is ‘an element of learning the form as one travels through it’, and we look forward to seeing her work complement Gilly’s dynamic subconscious narratives.

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