I see you here
At the Project Gallery 20th June — 26th July 2014
Opening hours Tues – Saturday 10am–5pm

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.”
Edward Hopper

A mixed show promoting the work of Ruan Hoffmann, Emily Morey, Chris Milton and Daniel Preece

Ruan Hoffmann
Working in delicate earthenware paper clay, Hoffmann eschews the perfection of the expected sphere to craft plates that are willfully irregular – misshapen and rough around the edges. One of the world–s oldest and most fundamental art forms, ceramics is considered a medium in which art meets function, frequently occupying the rustic centre of the home. But none of HoffmannL’s objects are intended to be functional – they are forms hi–jacked from the homey environs of the domestic sphere for the purposes of unfettered, spasmodic expressivity and quick stabs of stinging social commentary. Poetically confrontational turns of phrase undercut the ornamental decorativeness of their initial impact.

Chris Milton
The characters in Milton’s Go Go series are a vibrant and chaotic mixture. Desire and denial, joy and trepidation, dominance and deference create a dynamic tension in these spontaneous and expressionistic works which have grown out of the artist’s considered conceptual analysis of intention within his theme. Go Go features drawings with paint, made in response to a series of visits to London’s fetish and dance clubs. In these works Milton does not attempt to accurately record what he sees, rather they are formed through remembered emotions and sensations, conscious and unconscious thoughts. The characters are ’made up’, a distilled essence or archetype, reminiscent of particular types of people or places. Significantly, in a time where photography and film are the accepted medium of eroticism and sexuality these drawings return us to the more intimate and seductive media of painted line.

Emily Morey
Emily Morey graduated with a First Class Honours in Fine Art Painting at Brighton university in 2011 and won the Nagoya University Award for outstanding achievement at the Graduate degree show.

Emily reflects and celebrates the beauty and magic found in the small things in life; the magical moments, the nonsensical and bizarre encounters with people, animals, objects.

Emily makes paintings and collages influenced by novels, music and poems. Being playful with paint, in a similar way to doodling she create stories inspired by the shapes, objects, colours and people I come across in everyday situations.

Daniel Preece
Daniel’s work has mainly been about the urban landscape using the city as a starting point to explore formal issues of geometry and colour that hover between abstraction and figuration. The paintings have evolved from a pictorial landscape tradition, working directly from observation to create a sense of place and space using a strong personal colour palette.

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