Surfers | Oil on Canvas | 100 x 80cm

Suspended Reality
Nick Carrick

An exhibition of new paintings
Private View; Friday 6th April 6-8pm
The exhibition runs from 7th - 28th April 2018

Project Gallery is delighted to present 'Supended Reality', an exhibition of paintings by Nick Carrick.
Humans have always felt the need to escape our own monotonous everyday existence through creativity. From the first cave paintings, the frescoes of the 15th 16th century within the churches, the cinemas of the 20th century to the present obsession with the smart phone and ipad. However we still have the urge to go back to an authenticity to making art with our hands dismissing the ever increasing digital world.

At university in 2000 painting was declared ‘dead’. Throughout this apparent declaration I still painted and felt that in fact painting was very much alive. It is strange to think in 2018 painting seems to be bigger than ever. I feel that there is still a lot more to be explored. It is important to look at the history of painting to progress and find new things.

‘Suspended Reality’ is an exhibition of paintings that uses nature and photographic images that try to set in stone a reference to the history of painting such as the 19th century painters Pissaro, Matisse, Gauguin, Munch, and the Die Brucke artists. The 20th century painters Bacon, Guston, Milton Avery, and contemporary artists Rose Wylie, Peter Doig, Tom Hammick, Phoebe Unwin, Matthew Burrows, Nick Goss.

With their muted colours and sanded down texture the work in this exhibition represents a feeling of what it is like to be in the society we live in today. With the decaying grandeur of the past, looming large on the landscape. A country which is still living a post colonial imperialism that is dated and old. We are in transition and unaware of what the future holds. I hope my painting reflects this uncertainty but also shows a defiance and perseverance that is inherent in our psyches.

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