Gordon Hopkins
Morning Glory

Gordon Hopkins working in his studio in Brussels
We are looking forward to seeing Gordon's new paintings for our spring show opening on the 2nd May.

Hopkins was born in Boston (USA) in 1965 to a family of artists. His father, Edward Hopkins, painter and sculptor, is originally from Massachusetts (USA) and his mother, Julie Hopkins, a painter, was born in England.

Gordon Hopkins and his twin brother Mark grow up in a creative environment and the work of their parents offered them an early artistic education. The paintings, the relationship with the forms, the initiation to colors, the positive energy have gone hand in hand with the spirit of openness, curiosity and discovery that Julie Hopkins wanted to develop in her children.

Gordon Hopkins is drawn to studies of Art and History of Art at the Principia College (Illinois, USA). During this period, he collaborated with landscape architect Shep Butler (Vermont). Thus, before becoming a painter he was a landscape designer, which makes him today a landscape painter...

He masters the art of designing what he paints as the gardens that he used to design. His technique (the superposition of layersof dry oil in sticks) gives a special texture and a unique depth to his canvases.

His painting is energetic and full of joy. He shows a great creativity based on a continuous observation of the environment.

A painting of Gordon Hopkins is immediately recognizable. This fact is, no doubt, the mark of a talented artist ...

"My work reflects my personality, a real artist can only express his soul and spirit. I always try to see the good side of things and I think that this is reflected in my paintings. The colors, the light of my canvases express simplicity and joy, but also serenity and well-being. Creating is, for me, a positive experience and I hope I can convey all this through my work".

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